Brianna has a way of giving detail to her writing that makes it so easy to visualize what she is talking about. Throughout the writing piece, you feel more and more connected to the characters, and you want to continue reading to find out what will happen. Brianna puts a part of herself in all of her work, and you can sense that in each of her writing pieces, which really makes the stories and poems so powerful.

Margaret Johnson

Social Service Work Student, Sheridan College /
Graduated ECE Student, Sheridan College


Brianna is a conscious wordsmith whose technical understanding of the writing process only strengthens her creative concepts. Brianna is able to offer constructive and insightful critiques to her her peers as well as apply reciprocal and self-reflective critiques to her own work.

Jonathan Hermina

English and Creative Writing Student, Western /
Editorial Assistant, Canadian Poetry Press

Briana’s work is interesting and unique, it keeps you on your toes from start to finish. Every sentence is a joy to read, while the characters feel real and full of life. I haven’t read something this exhilarating in awhile and I’ll definitely be reading more.

Justyn Smith

Graduated Graphic Design Student, Fanshawe College /
Freelance Painter, London

Brianna’s work address a wide spectrum of topics that people can relate to. Her characters have a strong presence and an engaging plot has the reader wanting to continue on the adventure in the pieces she creates.

Emma Neukom

Veterinary Technician Student, St Lawrence College