Black Dawn, London Book Signing

Today I had the pleasure of going to Mallory McCartney’s book signing today at Chapter’s  in London, ON.

image3 I had ordered the book a week ago (because I am an A+ procrastinator) and, sadly, only the book mark that I ordered with it arrived on time. I decided to buy a copy of the book anyway and just return (or gift–potentially) to a lucky someone.

Mallory was a lovely woman who was easy to talk to and clearly passionate about her work. She is currently working on a prequel that will come out in the fall as well as book number two in the series. She also is planning another series for down the road.

I haven’t had the chance to read the book yet but I am very optimistic about this book as well as her future ones. I can tell from the first page that she is a very talented writer! I will post more on that later. Check out the description on Goodreads.

It was super inspirational to be able to meet a fellow writer and literature lover. Even more so, a female Canadian writer. image1

This was the first book signing that I have attended and I cannot wait to go to more in the future. Today has really gotten me excited for next yearas a Publishing student at Centennial and all of the opportunities that come with it. I am thankful for moments like today where I get to take a glimpse into my future. And if my future is me being in book stores consistently, meeting new people and learning about the world through another person’s fiction, I am so glad I chose it!