Hi, my name is Brianna Benton. I am a writer and aspiring publisher.

     My love for literature began before I was able to read or write. I would make up stories to go along with the pictures in the books when I wanted to read a story to one of my parents. When I wanted to write my own story I would scribble on the page and have a story to tell when I read it aloud.

     Through elementary and high school, I began to help my fellow classmates with their writing assignments by editing them and providing feedback on how to improve their writing. I find that assisting other people to evolve their ideas and writing, especially creative work, has been one of my passions.

I have recently completed a BA in English and Creative Writing from Western University. This program challenged me to expand myself as a writer and helped me develop the skills to provide knowledge feedback about other’s work.

In the fall of 2017, I am going to be starting a Publishing program for Book, Magazine and Electronic at Centennial College.